Me. Myself. And Why.

I have chosen the name visuu as it is the perfect equivalent for what I’m doing: visualising communication, information, solutions, szenes, ideas and many more to support „u“ (you! 😉 I’ve studied classic design, typography and arts years ago. Went through all the crazy advertising buzz in the 90ties to get to know another new world in digital and experience design today. So what’s next – I’m absolutely curious!

Brand against the machine

I believe in great design, visualisation and photography following only one simple rule: it must fit the identity of the individual. Be it a person, a small company, an enterprise or a specific purpose. Whatever I create is unique and the result of a creative process. Oh – and by the way – please be prepared: In most cases I’ll not just do what you told me. Rather be surprised and sure that there will also be no bullshitting.

It’s time to say hello!

How about a first get to know each other via chat, phone, video or a short email. Whatever you prefer – I’m used to work flexibly with my local and international clients. Did I mention that you can talk to me in German, English and Italian – for the rest we might use Emojis for the moment.